Domanski Lyfors and Sundhage leaves China

Marika Domanski Lyfors and Pia Sundhage, head coach and assistant coach for China's natioanl team, has decided to decline the offer from China to extend their contract over the Olympic games 2008. "They [China] have done everything they can to make us stay, but they respect and understand our decision", commented Marika Domanski Lyfors. Marika cites family reasons - she has a teenage son and has only been in Sweden four times the last six months. She has several job offers in Sweden, but refuse to comment on if any of these offers are from Damallsvenskan clubs.
Pia Sundhage has several job options, as have been reported here earlier. The decision of US Soccer to look for a new head coach to replace Greg Ryan has put her as one of the front runners for a position with the USA women's national team. Asked a few hypothetical questions by the Swedish women's football news site, she says that coaching USA's women would be a great challenge, and she would accept an offer. She also says that she would like to change the way USA plays and see a more varied play from the team, one that doesn't solely rely on pace.
Nobbar Kina
Expressen: Domanski Lyfors och Sundhage hoppar av USA nästa för Pia?

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