Svensson recieves big wage offer from Linköping

Djurgården's Victoria Svensson took a trip to Linköping last Wednesday for a closer look at the club and talks with the management. "It was a good visit, Linköping is an interesting club and I didn't make the trip just for the fun of it." She returned from Linköping with what is decribed as "a very lucurative offer", comparable to what Marta makes with her current deal. Victoria says, without mentioning any figures, that she is satisfied with the offer. But she also has an offer from Djurgården and hasn't made up her mind yet.
Linköping FC's chairman Christer Mård calls Victoria Svensson "Sweden's best football player" and says that his offer to her is "extremely competitive". Svensson is his number one target, but he hasn't given up completely about Lotta Schelin, "but it feels like she will stay in Göteborg".
Rekordbudet på Svensson

Other rumours:

Sunnanå's young winger/forward Maria Nordbrandt, who finished just outside Dennerby's World Cup team, is reported to be close to signing with Kif Örebro. The ability to get the education she wants in Örebro seems to have been the tiebreaker.
Nerikes Allehanda: Sunnanåstjärnan: "Mycket talar för Örebro"

Linköping's forward Maria Aronsson (8 caps with the full national team) is one of the few that hasn't resigned with the club and is rumoured to be listening to offers from AIK, Bälinge and Hammarby. And so are Linköping's full-back/midfielder Maria Karlsson (8 national team caps) and young forward Sandra Landgren, who has arranged a try-out at AIK.
Corren: Allsvenska klubbar jagar Aronsson

Posted by: Anonym

Svensson is getting old, why not put that kind of money into a young talented player? Svensson's not worth it anymore.
Lotta Schelin would be a much better option, but I doubt LFC could get both.

2007-10-21 @ 13:17:26
Posted by: Anonym

i would have agreed with you if it was last year.
but this year, svensson has had an amazing season...i can't believe how well she has played.
she is worth the money...especially as a team leader.
i would pay good money for her...

2007-10-22 @ 22:21:26

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