Foreign players to reinforce relegation strugglers

Relegation strugglers Falköping and Qbik has used the World Cup break to secure reinforcements for the crucial last 4 matches.

Falköping has signed Kim Brandao, a Portugese defender who has played college soccer at Rutgers university and in the American W-league for New Jersey Wildcats, the same club as Falköping's Jill Oakes.
Falköpings KIK:
Kim förstärker FKIK

Qbik has welcomed Michele O'Brien and Lauren MacIver. O'Brien is a 27 year old midfielder with the Irish national team, has played college soccer for Perdue University and club soccer with Long Island Rough Riders. Lauren MacIver, a 23 year old from Oklahoma University, has played with Boston Renegades in the W-league. Both of them are brought in to strengthen Qbik's attack and have got in touch with the club thank's to Qbik's goalkeeper Maria Yatrakis.
EDIT: Annette, who knows much more about American college soccer than I do, points out than Michele O'Brien by no means went to Perdue but rather to something like Florida International University. Thank's Annette. I have tried to walk back in my own tracks to find out where I got the idea with Perdue, but alas, not a trace.
Nya Wermlandstidningen: De ska fixa kontraktet åt Qbik
Värmlands Folkblad: Duon som räddar Qbik?

Linköping, not a relegation struggler, continues to secure their squad for the 2008 season. They have re-signed their sought-after young forward talent Kosovare Asllani, full-back Marie-Louise Skålberg, back-up keeper Maria Cederholm, experienced forward Ann Westermark and midfield youngster Maria Krantz, the latter working to come back from her spring ACL injury.
Linköping FC: Kosse, Skålberg och Cederholm klara, Fler bitar på plats

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