Pregame talk: Will Sweden play 4-4-2 and Wambach is a diving cheat

The player's frustration and disappointment after the draw against Nigeria was still evident on Wednesday, but now the focus has changed. Thursday's training was a closed set and there is rumoured to have been work on a new free-kick variation and on how to stop Abby Wambach. Team captain Victoria Svensson said the team is very eager to revenge themselves and are convinced that they have a good chance against USA.

Most of the talk has been on two topics. Will Sweden change to a 4-4-2 tactics against USA? There are several signs for that. Dennerby changed to the new 4-3-3 to cope with the loss of midfield engine Malin Moström and has used it consistently this season. But with the injuries to wing forwards like Josefine Öqvist and Frida Nordin, he has been forced to compromise and put a player like Therese Sjögran in a for her unnatural position on the outside. Playing 4-4-2 would also outnumber the American midfield, which is strong but not very speedy. And with 4-3-3 you often find yourself with only one player in the box, while 4-4-2 often gives you two targets to feed with passes. The Swedish coaches hasn't joined in this discussion at all, but since Dennerby usually isn't hard pressed to debate tactics his silence might be telling.

The other big topic has been Abby Wambach, the heart and soul of the American team according to coach Ryan. Swedish defenders aren't really fond of her style of playing: "She is both big and strong and shouldn't fall as easy as she does" comments Hanna Marklund, who thinks Wambach goes down when she choose to do so. Frida Östberg says Wambach is well known for taking a dive if you touch her and says she wouldn't award Wambach any fair play-prize. "But I wouldn't give myself one either", she said with a laugh.

And Nilla Fischer was back training with the team, so we'll probably see her on the field against USA.

Posted by: hagabo_i_exil

Tragic performance. I cannot believe Sweden continues the blank refusal to convert scoring opportunities into something meaningful. Especially when you know you cannot maintain the pressure for more than ten minutes. Some maoist citicism/self-criticism sessions should bé in order.

2007-09-14 @ 16:47:33
Posted by: Anonym

Finishing from teh team has been many wasted opportunities!

2007-09-15 @ 19:02:02
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