Damallsvenskan: More newbie upsets

Damallsvenskan openers are usually well attended, but this dark, cold, wet (rain in the south, snow in the north) and windy Wednesday night that didn't look anything like spring, didn't attract many fans to the stadia. Worst off was Bälinge, who had been forced to abandon their home ground in the city centre for a field turf training field without stands in the outskirts of town. 174 is a crowd figure from the 1990's.

The Swedish Football Association has introduced a new web-service for Damallsvenskan this season. The same livescore service that are used in the men's premier league will now also be used for the women. The livescore opens one hour before kick-off and you reach it at
www.svenskfotboll.se/livescore. Great service, it worked flawlessly Wednesday night, and recommended for those of you that simply can't wait to find out what's happening.

AIK - Umeå IK 0 - 1 (0-0)

AIK: Sofia Lundgren - Sofia Simonsson, Frida Höglund, Linda Sembrant, Linda Lekander (88 Annica Sjölund) - Elin Ekblom Bak, Anne Mäkinen, Jessica Julin, Louise Fors (83 Emelie Karlsson Wedin) - Emma Lundh (69 Kate Gill), Lisa de Vanna
Umeå: Carola Söberg - Anna Paulsson, Johanna Frisk, Emma Berglund, June Pedersen (46 Hanna Ljungberg) - Lisa Dahlqvist, Frida Östberg, Mami Yamaguchi - Johanna Rasmussen (56 Ramona Bachmann), Madeleine Edlund (77 Sofia Jakobsson), Marta
Goals: 1-0 Hanna Ljungberg (82)
Attendance: 932
Hosting AIK, who fell 4-0 and 8-0 against Umeå last year, almost provided an upset, but Umeå was saved by a late goal by Hanna Ljungberg. Recieving the ball from Marta (who else?) inside the box, turned away from the goal and with a defender on her back, she still managed create some space for herself and placed the shot in the far corner. A quality goal.
Up til the last maybe 15 minutes, AIK had looked a lot like the better side. This was particulary true in the first half, where AIK had four shots at goal before Umeå managed to create anything. They pressured far up in the field and kept feeding their speedy forward Lisa de Vanna with passes, who had at least four good chances. They even had a goal inside, from an Elin Ekblom header, but it was disallowed.
Both sides seemed somewhat disappointed. AIK's Benny Persson thought his team should have had at least a draw and Lisa de Vanna, who impressed on most viewers in her Damallsvenskan debut, was disappointed that she didn't manage to score on any of her chances. Umeå's captain Frida Östberg congratulated her team to their spirit and work ethic, that helped them turn the match around after a disappointing first half.
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Bälinge - KIF Örebro 0 - 0 (0-0)
Bälinge: Veronica Svensson - Lisa Lantz, Lina Andersson, Natalie Spuilger, Emma Lindqvist - Linda Blom, Julia Lyckberg (87 Sarah Storck), Emilia Appelqvist (54 Noelle Keselica), Katri Nokso-Koivisto (64 Karolina Mats) - Emma Jonsson, Ida Brännström
Örebro: Kristin Hammarström - Ingrid Ericson, Stina Stegerström, Sanna Valkonen, Caroline Näfver - Maria Nordbrant, Marina Pettersson, Lena Andersson, Marie Hammarström - Elin Magnusson, Leena Puranen (84 Kim Ekebom)
Attendance: 174
Bälinge, against all predictions, got a great start. They managed to hold on to the ball in the midfield and make the right passes to Ida Brännström and Emma Jonsson (both making their first match for Bälinge). But after about 30 minutes, Bälinge began to lose balls, defense and midfield fell deep in front of their own goal and Örebro dominated the rest of the match, producing close to 20 shots at goal. But Bälinge's Veronica Svensson had a great day and saved one point for Bälinge.
Upsala Nya Tidning: Svensson höll nollan i mållös Bälingepremiär

Hammarby - LDB FC Malmö 1 - 7 (1-4)
Hammarby: Lisa Mattsson - Anna Lindblom (58 Emma Wall), Malin Nilsson, Elin Sölveskog, Matida Agné - Jennie Jonsson, Madeleine Tegström (46 Lisa Björkvik) - Daniella Chamoun, Andrea Comaneci, Nazanin Vaseghpanah - Kristin Bengtsson (80 Malin Broberg)
Malmö: Stephanie Öhrström - Emelie Ölander (46 Therese Jönsson), Malin Levenstad, Emma Wilhelmsson, Lina Nilsson - Manon Melis (69 Maria Aronsson), Nilla Fischer, Dora Stefansdottir, Therese Sjögran - Emma Stålhammar (60 Pavlina Scasna), Therese Lundin
Goals: 0-1 Dora Stefansdottir (7), 0-2 Therese Lundin (24), 0-3 Manon Melin (33), 0-4 Dora Stefansdottir (37), 1-4 Daniella Chamoun (44), 1-5 Manon Melis (54), 1-6 Therese Jönsson (61), 1-7 Therese Lundin (85)
Attendance: 301
An extremely efficient Malmö didn't give Hammarby much chance. Nilla Fischer in her defensive midfield position won everything that came in her area and distributed the ball to the wings. Hammarby's young reserve keeper Lisa Mattsson (replacing Kathrin Lehmann, who was playing icehockey World Championship with Switzerland) had a difficult task in her first Damallsvenskan match. Malmö coach Jörgen Pettersson was pleased that his system worked, at least against Hammarby, while Hammarby coaches and players just wanted to forget the match and move on.
Hammarby's veteran Kristin Bengtsson had to leave with a muscle injury late in the match. She will probably need a four week rest before she can return to the game.
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Umeå Södra FF - Sunnanå SK 2 - 1 (1-1)
Umeå Södra: Minna Meriluoto - Anna Rehn, Moa Westermark, Petra Vaelma, Ragna Lestander - Anna Forss (63 Linda Fransson), Emma Sundberg, Hanna Folkesson, Terese Andersson - Jennifer Nobis, Vanessa Mångsén (73 Patricia Hägglund)
Sunnanå: Åsa Berglund - Carina Holmberg, Sanna Frostevall (77 Lisa Renberg), Marjam Marklund, Alexamdra Nilsson - Kristina Wiklund, Anna Bodén, Josefin Johansson, Johanna Lindahl - Perpetua Nkwocha, Lina Johansson
Goals: 1-0 Hanna Folkesson (5), 1-1 Lina Johansson (20), 2-1 Linda Fransson (70)
Attendance: 342
Just like the other newcomers Kristianstad, Umeå Södra managed an upset. They opened optimistic and Hanna Folkesson got a goal already after less than five minutes. But after that Sunnanå took over the match and Umeå Södra very rarely came out of defense. It took them 25 minutes before thay had their first second half attack, Nobis firing a shot that the keeper couldn't keep and Linda Fransson, fresh from the bench, scored on the rebound. The rest was defense for Södra and botched scoring chances for Sunnanå.
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