American league announces interest in Damallsvenskan players

Roland Arnqvist, responsible for player contracts at Umeå IK, reveals that the new American soccer league WPS has been in touch with the club regarding some of their players. Lauren Gregg, who works with international player contracts for the league, approached Umeå, requesting permission to start talks with three players; Brazilians Marta and Elaine and Swiss teenage talent Ramona Bachmann. WPS recieved Umeå's permission to start contract talks with Marta, but were denied this when it comes to Elaine and Bachmann. Both these players are on two year contracts and are tied to Umeå through the 2009 season. It is of course possible, and not uncommon, to change clubs during a contract period, but Arnqvist doesn't think WPS has the money to buy the players from Umeå. He adds that he wouldn't recommend a young player to join the WPS the first years, but rather wait and see. But then, he is not really an impartial observer here.
You could, by the way, guess that Umeå isn't the only club that has been approached with similar requests. But so far Arnqvist is the only one who has talked.

Roland Arnqvist, who is no longer employed by Umeå, is hired by the club to handle player recruiting. He has already offered most of the players contracts for 2009 and says that he hopes to have wrapped things up by the time the league restarts in late August. Several players (Sofia Jakobsson, Ramona Bachmann, Elaine, Madeleine Edlund and Emmelie Konradsson) recieved two year contracts last year and are thus already clear for 2009. Among the others, Arnqvist reveals that his first priority is Mami Yamaguchi, whom he has offered a two year deal.
Västerbottens Folkblad:
USA-ligan på jakt efter UIK-spelare, UIK tryggar framtiden tidigt

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