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A few lines on non-Olympic news:

Relagation-threatened Bälinge IF has strengthened their squad with Temryss Lane, a 26 years old Arizona State alumnus who played for Sacramento Storm in the American WPSL this season. She is a defender and has played with Bälinge's Natalie Spilger before.
Bälinge IF:
Äntligen lite glada nyheter!!

Sunnanå has lost outside midfielder Kristin Viklund for several months in a freak accident. She was opening a can of pineapple and managed to cut her so badly in the hand that both a tendon and a nerve got cut. The prognosis for recovery is good, but she has to keep away from activities where she can hurt her hand again, including football, for three months.
Norra Västerbotten: Kicki borta i månader

Umeå Södra's latest acquisition, Niki Cross, has arrived in Umeå and says she is willing to play wherever the coach wants her to play. She is eager to help Umeå Södra avoid relegation.
Västerbottens Folkblad: Cross har landat i Umeå

LDB FC Malmö invited six particulary promising young players (16-17 years mostly) to train a few days with the team. All players were there with their clubs permission and it is not about any imminent signings, more a chance for club and players to get to know each other better. The group consisted of five players from Swedish 1st and 2nd division clubs (all with experience from the national youth teams) and Dutch national team player Karin Stevens from Dutch club Willem II.
LDB Malmö: Handplockade talanger tränar med LdB FC
OK, I have to make an addition here. I checked any possible Dutch news on this and according to media in the Netherlands, Stevens has been offered a contract by LDB FC Malmö. She has not yet decided if she is going to accept it.
KNVB: Karin Stevens overtuigt Malmö, maar twijfelt nog (there are many others - just google away - , but this story is from the official site of the Dutch Football Association).

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