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The American professional soccer league to be, WPS, has announced that they have provisionally chosen 128 W-League players to participate in the upcoming USL W-League Combine - a sort of huge try-out for the new league. This wouldn't normally make it to these pages, but I couldn't help notice that former Qbik player Therese Lückner, who has been playing for Boston Renegades this W-League season, is one of the 20 players that was named in the announcement. She has been having a good season in Boston, where she is credited with turning their defense around from a dismal 2007 season. Must be fun for a player that's been trawling the bottom of Damallsvenskan with Qbik and Mallbacken for several years and I wish her all the best!
By the way, you can actually notice a lot of Damallsvenskan old acquaintances on the list: Kim Brandao (Falköping 2007), Jill Oakes (Falköping 2007), Michele O'Brien (Qbik 2007), Kelly Schmedes (Kif Örebro 2006) and Julianne Sitch (Bälinge 2006).
20 players for USL W-League Combine unveiled

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