Sweden defeats Argentina without impressing

Sweden - Argentina  1 - 0 (0-0)
Sweden: Hedvig Lindahl - Anna Paulson, Sara Larsson, Charlotte Rohlin (91 Stina Segerström), Sara Thunebro - Nilla Fischer - Frida Östberg, Caroline Seger (80 Jessica Landström), Therese Sjögran (71 Linda Forsberg) - Lotta Schelin,  Victoria Svensson.
Goals: 1-0 Nilla Fischer (58)
Attendance: 38,293
Sweden did their duty and defeated Argentina, but even if they dominated with much more possession and shots at goal, it looked good only short periods. The lack of speed, movement and creativity in the attack was the same as against China and the team also got a half-time scolding from coach Dennerby. It seems like they listened and had a fairly good period ion the beginning of the second half, leading up til the winning goal, headed in by Nilla Fischer on a perfect free-kick from LDB Malmö teammate Therese Sjögran.
The heath and humidity was a big problem - "It felt like playing in a hot shower" commented Fischer - and partly to blame for the lack of speed. And slow was what Argentina wanted, often playing nine players on the defensive side of the ball, defending deep and waiting for a lucky break. They almost got it. They created two really dangerous situations in the last minutes of the match, showing Sweden that a one goal lead isn't anything to lean on.
And is goalkeeper Correa really the same Correa that tended the goal for Argentina last year? What a difference!!

Coach Thomas Dennerby didn't want to discuss possible group finishing scenarios with the press, but we can do that ourselves. First, Sweden has now qualified for the quarterfinals. Ok, there is a disaster scenario where Sweden lose to Canada, New Zealand defeats USA or (slightly more likely) Japan defeats Norway while North Korea performs better against Germany than Sweden does against Canada. I don't think all that will happen. Second, a third place finish should probably put Sweden up against Norway in the QF. Since a second placed team probably has to face Germany or Brazil while winning gains North Korea as an opponent, I really don't think finishing third is something to avoid at all costs. On the contrary.
Nillas nick sänkte Argentina (match clip videos)
Aftonbladet: Utskällningen tände spelarna

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