2008 schedule

The schedules for both Damallsvenskan and the national team are now set. There might be minor changes in the league schedule, it is still called preliminary, but probably not that much.

Preseason training started in all clubs this last week after being on a break for one or two months - the shorter break for the national team players, who played Denmark in November. The rest will look like this:

In February there is a national team camp 10-17 at Cyprus with matches against England and Norway. This is followed by the Algarve Cup in March. Before the league starts, Umeå will play UEFA Women's Cup semifinals, the 30th March away and 5th April at home.

The day after Umeå's Women's Cup semifinal, Damallsvenskan kicks off and plays the first 4 rounds of matches before a May break in the league for the two national team Euro qualifiers against Hungary and Italy, the 3rd and 7th. The 10th the league is on it's way again with three match days in May. In May there is also a possible UEFA Women's Cup final in two legs between May 17-24.

The league continues in June with 5 more rounds and the Swedish Cup plays two rounds until a break for another Euro qualifier, against Ireland on the 25th, followed by the Swedish Cup quarter-finals the 29th. The there are two more match-days in July before Damallsvenskan goes on the long break for the Olympics.

The national team starts with a domestic preparation camp the 19th July, including a friendly against Norway and possibly one against USA. They move camp to Japan for further preparations before going on to China and the Olympic tournament.

Damallsvenskan resumes activity 30th August and plays 5 more Damallsvenskan rounds plus Swedish Cup semifinals and final before there is another break for national team activities, the two final qualification matches for the 2009 European championships on 27th September and 1st October.

The final three Damallsvenskan rounds are then played with the final matches 19th October. I presume that the second qualifying round of the UEFA Women's Cup also will be played in October, although I haven't seen any schedule set yet and the season hopefully ends with UEFA Women's Cup Quarter-finals in November.
National team 2008 schedule
Damallsvenskan 2008 schedule

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