Kristin Bengtsson goes to Hammarby

Well, we didn't have to wait long. Really late last evening Hammarby and Kristin Bengtsson announced that she has signed a one year deal with the smaller Stockholm  club. Bengtsson played for Hammarby between 1988 and 1996 and says that it feels good to return to the club that helped her start her career.
Hammarby's sport director Annelie Norén says that Kicki Bengtsson's experience will be invaluable for the club and that she still is one of the best players in Damallsvenskan.
Dagens Nyheter:
Kicki Bengtsson från Dif till Bajen
Hammarby: Kicki Bengtsson till Hammarby Damfotboll

Posted by: Anonym

What is dif doing?!?!

First Kicki...who am I am going to cheer for next year??????

2008-01-04 @ 17:31:15
Posted by: Rødt kort

Umea? Oh, wait, no no -- Arsenal LFC! I know how much you adore Smith. Or perhaps Olympique-Lyonnaise?

Face it -- Kopparbergs/Göteborg is looking like a viable option these days. =P

Posted by: jcoasta

... and that wasn't even me, rending her clothing and tearing her hair out at this news.

Everyone pretend I've just taken the first poster's post and cut and pasted it here again.

2008-01-06 @ 20:08:44
Posted by: Rødt kort

Whoops. Apologies to the first poster. I thought you were the above poster, jocasta. But that's funny. The two of you seem to have much in common ... =)

2008-01-11 @ 03:43:09
Posted by: first poster...

dear jcoasta,

glad to know there is someone out there who agrees with me!!!!
we will see what dif can pull off this season, but i don't feel like it is looking good... :(

2008-01-11 @ 18:04:22
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