National team: Goalkeeper decision favours experience over form

National team coach Thomas Dennerby today announced his decision for the second goalkeeper position iin the Olympic squad. With the choice between an in-form Kristin Hammarström with little experience (she got her first cap in February this year) and the very experienced Caroline Jönsson, who on the other hand has played very few matches since her ACL injury last year, he went for Jönsson: "It was a difficult decision, but experience favorued Caroline Jönsson".
Both Caroline Jönsson and Kristin Hammarström will however go to China as will two of the alternates, Lisa Dalkvist and Johanna Almgren. Even if they are not part of the team and doesn't get to stay in the Olympic village, the team management thinks it is worth the extra cost to have them at location if they are needed. That way there will be no problems with travel time and possible jet lag for the alternates if they get called in.
Svensk Fotboll:
Caroline Jönsson blir andremålvakt

The last day of training at Gotland saw Charlotte Rohlin and Hanna Ljungberg resting, while all the others were in full training. The Wednesday program also included some team-building activities, among them canoeing. Getting wet and looking stupid is always good for team spirit.
SVT: Damlandslaget inledde med kanotutmaning (video)

Hanna Ljungberg was kept from training yesterday with a pain in the back of her right thigh - her earlier injury problems has been in the left thigh. But she had an MRI exam today, Thursday, which gave an all clear for her. She will however not participate in Umeå IK's exhibition match against Brazil tonight.
Västerbottenskuriren: Hanna Ljungberg klar för OS

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