Olympique Lyon wants Lotta Schelin, Umeå doesn't want Laura del Rio

The French champions and UEFA Women's Cup semifinalists Olympique Lyon wants to sign Kopparbergs/Göteborg's star forward Lotta Schelin as they are preparing to better their 2007/08 Women's Cup run. Göteborg chairman Peter Bronsman confirms that the French side has approached his club and announced their interest in Schelin.
Lyon has also informed that they are persuing Nigerian Cynthia Uwak (last year with Falköpings KIK in Damallsvenskan) and Swiss Lara Dickenmann (last year with Jersey Sky Blue in W-league), who has recently returned from USA after graduating from college. Their ambition is to sign all three players.
Peter Bronsman says that there is always interest in Schelin and it isn't impossible that she will be moving on after eight years in Göteborg. But there are, according to Bronsman, other clubs that has shown interest and personally I would say that even if Lyon is a quality side, the French league is not the place for Schelin to continue her development. She is still young and would benefit from playing in a stronger league.
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Dagens Nyheter: Lyon vill köpa Lotta Schelin

In other transfer news, W-league's FC Indiana announces in a press realease that they have offered their Spanish forward Laura Del Rio a two year contract in competition with among others Umeå IK. Umeå IK denies this. Roland Arnqvist, no longer manager but hired by the club as consultant and responsible for player recruitments, says that "this is completely untrue" and that del Rio isn't even one of the players the club is talking about. He also has less than flattering things to say about FC Indiana, which he doesn't consider a serious organization.
There is a connection between Umeå and Laura del Rio, though. She was on a try-out in Umeå last summer, but didn't get any offer. The club at that time said that she was too slow, not aggressive enough in attack and generally didn't offer anything Umeå didn't already have on the team.
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Västerbottenskuriren: "UIK har gett bud"

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