Umeå Södra and Kristianstad looking for reinforcements

Umeå Södra, that recently hired defender Fanta Cooper (Jersey Sky Blue in the W-league) and young attacker Emelie Becker (Team Hudik in the Swedish 2nd division), is still looking for more. They hope to be able to announce a third player by the end of this week. It is a foreign player, an outside midfielder of "high Damallsvenskan quality", who hasn't played in Sweden before.
If I should wager a guess here, we are looking at a player from the American W-league. The regular season finished last weekend and the play-offs are done by the end of the month, so there could be a player or two that might want to extend their season with a couple of months in Sweden.
Fanta klar - mer snart

At the same time as they are hiring professionals, Umeå Södra are letting two of their younger players, Ellinor Andersson and Emelie Strand, go on loan to the Finnish premier side Nice Futis in Pori.
Västerbottenskuriren: Andersson och Strand från Södra till Finland

Umeå Södra's relegation competitor, Kristianstads DFF, are also looking to strengthen their side. The 18 years old winger Antonia Göransson from LDB FC Malmö, who played for Skjold in the Danish premier last year but still has make her first Damallsvenskan appearence, is trying out for Kristianstad.
Kristianstadsbladet: KDFF testar talang från LdB FC

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