Apologies and some fun stuff

Yeah, that was a long break. I'm sorry about that. The month of May usually is like this; a lot of work and a lot of work-related travel. The blog being on hiatus didn't mean that I was completely cut off from the world. I still read, I just couldn't find the time and place to write. And once the break goes on for more than a week or two, the back-log grows and the urge to resume writing weakens.

Anyway, I found some fun stuff during my half-time break, that I thought I should share:

Maria Thuré
Former Bälinge midfielder (now Danmarks IF in the 1st division north) blogs at her hometown newspaper's website. Maria, who "listens to: my head coach, since it's hard to avoid" writes about football legs and summer dresses, about (not) dating local sports jocks and about the color combination chosen for the Dutch national team. I feel sorry for those of you who don't read Swedish, because you're missing out.

2. Jocasta
An American, temporarily placed in Uppsala and thus reluctant Bälinge fan, writes personal match reports from Damallsvenskan and other women's football matches. Funny, with a great eye for slightly odd details.

3. Women's Rivalry
The Women's Rivalry section of the Big Soccer boards gives you funny, witty and sometimes inappropriate banter on mainly Swedish and German football. Also a good source for non-transfer gossip about players.

Posted by: jocasta

I've said it before, but I'm glad you're back... and thanks for the plug!

Bälinge might not have been my very first choice before moving here, true, but now that I'm here, let there be no doubt: I am behind them 100%!

2008-06-17 @ 13:44:15
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