Damallsvenskan: Linköping keeps winning

Once again the Swedish FA administrators had managed to schedule a match-day to the same day as a crucial game for Sweden in the European Championships. Malmö's home game against Hammarby should also have been played this evening, but for some reason the clubs decided to re-schedule it to August. I have no idea why, but it still seems like a sensible decision.
Even the local papers of the playing teams have given very sparse coverage of the Wednesday night matches. I guess most of their manpower were devoted to throwing guilt and blame in various directions after Sweden's men's unsuccessful performance.

Kopparbergs/Göteborg FC - Linköpings FC 0 - 3 (0-1)

Göteborg: Jenny Olsson - Marlene Sjöberg, Jenny Hallstensson, Jane Törnqvist, Amelie Rybeck - Lisa Ek (46 Linnea Liljegärd), Ingvild Stensland, Maria Karlsson, Johanna Almgren (72 Sofia Karlsson) - Sara Lindén, Lotta Schelin (66 Emelie Farfa)
Linköping: Hedvig Lindahl - Maja Krantz, Petronella Ekroth, Marie-Louise Skålberg, Anna-Kaisa Rantanen - Josefine Öqvist, Daniela (73 Cristiane), Caroline Seger, Maria Karlsson (87 Lisa Nilsson) - Kosovare Asllani (67 Petra Larsson), Jessica Lindström
Goals: 0-1 Josefine Öqvist (4), 0-2 Jessica Landström (85), 0-3 Cristiane (91)
Attendance: 418
When you're on a roll, you don't have to be the best. Somehow you can score and win anyway. Linköping, undefeated leaders of the league, showed this against Göteborg. The home side had much more possession and created a lot more scoring opportunities than Linköping. But the guests scored when given the opportunity and Hedvig Lindahl saved everything that Göteborg didn't squander themselves. Linköping's Cristiane was left on the bench to make room for in-form teenager Kosovare Asllani, but probably won her starting place back as she set up one goal and scored one herself in the dying minutes of the match.
Lotta Schelin started and played 65 minutes, but still has some way to go before she is back in true form.
Förlust för Göteborg
Corren: Seger för LFC i Göteborg

Sunnanå SK - Umeå Södra FF 5 - 0 (3-0)
Sunnanå: Åsa Berglund - Sandra Berggren, Sanna Frostevall, Alexandra Nilsson, Magdalena Esseryd - Kristina Wiklund (81 Erika Karlsson), Anna Bodén (72 Matilda Forslund), Perpetua Nkwocha, Carina Holmberg - Mirjam Marklund (68 Johanna Lindahl), Lina Johansson
Umeå Södra: Jessica Lundberg - Maria Wiktorsson, Petra Vaelma, Kristin Åberg, Anna Rehn - Patricia Hägglund, Elina Sormunen, Emma Sundberg, Anna Forss (Terese Andersson) - Jennifer Nobis (77 Victoria Forsmark), Linda Fransson (55 Vanessa Mångsén)
Goals: 1-0 Anna Bodén (31), 2-0 Perpetua Nkwocha (36), 3-0 Kristina Wiklund (42), 4-0 Johanna Lindahl (69), 5-0 Kristina Wiklund (74 PK)
Attendance: 501
Sunnanå got their revenge for the loss to Umeå Södra in the league opener in April. Perpetua Nkwocha claimed it was because it wasn't snowing this time, but Sunnanå was simply better at everything and ran down the Umeå side. With the three points from the match, Sunnanå passed Umeå Södra in the table and is now just over the relegation line.
Norra Västerbotten: Sunnanå sprang sönder Umeå Södra
Västerbottens Folkblad: Sunnanå kramade ur Umeå Södra

Kif Örebro - Bälinge IF 3 - 0 (2-0)
Örebro: Kristin Hammarström - Lena Andersson, Stina Segerström, Sanna Valkonen (73 Ingrid Ericson), Marina Pettersson - Maria Nordbrant (54 Carolina Näfver), Susanna Lehtinen, Marie Hammarström, Elin Magnusson - Leena Puranen, Hanna Pettersson (76 Marie Ståhlberg)
Bälinge: Veronica Svensson - Emma Lindqvist, Lina Andersson, Natalie Spilger - Emilia Appelqvist, Linda Blom (86 Jenny Jansson), Karolina Mats, Noelle Keselica, Julia Lyckberg - Lisa Lantz (47 Emma Jonsson), Sarah Storck (46 Katri Nokso-Koivisto)
Goals: 1-0 Maria Nordbrant (11), 2-0 Leena Puranen (29), 3-0 Hanna Pettersson (75)
Attendance: 462
A weak start from Bälinge let the hosts two goals up after only half an hour. The match evened out in the second half, where Bälinge actually created some good scoring chances, but it was still very visible which team is threatened by relegation.
Upsala Nya Tidning: Svag inledning Bälinges fall


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