Swedish FA decides that Brazilian matches can be moved

The Swedish Football Association today decided that the matches, that will be affected by Brazilian players in Swedish clubs being called up for the Olympic Qualifier on April 19, can be moved to other dates. The matches concerned are Linköping's away match at Malmö April 17 and Umeå's at Göteborg April 16 and at home against Malmö April 20.
The decision that the matches can be moved doesn't mean they will be. It's a very tight match program in the league, says Umeå's manager Roland Arnqvist and he can see problems finding suitable dates, even if he of course wants to move the matches. Linköping's has the same view - they will see what they can do, but it will be difficult finding a date. And I guess that LDB FC Malmö being involved in two of the three matches doesn't make it any easier. The club's sport director Kenny Jönsson comments that this comes very late, all the travel arrangements are already made.
Dagens Nyheter:
Marta kan spela alla matcher för Umeå
Damfotboll.com: Problemen hopar sig för Umeå IK

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What about the April 1 stunt played on UIK? "Jean-Michel Aulas is coming to Umeå by private jet. Make reservations for the finest suite in town. Oh and the team is arriving on Friday, not Saturday"

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