2009 Football Awards: "And the nominees are..."

The traditional season final, the Football Awards Gala, will be held November 17. The nominations for the awards were released yesterday:

Goalkeeper of the year (Swedish player or foreigner playing in Sweden):
Nadine Angerer, Djurgården
Kristin Hammarström, Kif Örebro
Hedvig Lindahl, Linköpings FC
Ulla-Karin Rönnlund, Umeå IK

Defender of the year (Swedish player or foreigner playing in Sweden):
Sara Larsson, Linköpings FC
Charlotte Rohlin, Linköpings FC
Stina Segerström, Kif Örebro
Sara Thunebro, Djurgården

Midfielder of the year (Swedish player or foreigner playing in Sweden):
Anne Mäkinen, AIK
Therese Sjögran, LDB FC Malmö
Ingvild Stensland, Kopparbergs/Göteborg FC
Victoria Svensson, Djurgården

Forward of the year (Swedish player or foreigner playing in Sweden):
Lisa De Vanna, AIK
Jessica Landström, Linköpings FC
Marta, Umeå IK
Manon Melis, LDB FC Malmö

Breakthrough of the year (Must be a Swedish player):
Kosovare Asllani, Linköpings FC
Louise Fors, AIK
Jessica Landström, Linköpings FC
Nazanin Vaseghpanah, Hammarby

Coach of the year (Swedish coach or foreigner working in Sweden):
Andrée Jeglertz, Umeå IK
Thomas Mårtensson & Ulf Palmqvist, Kristianstads DFF
Jörgen Petersson, LDB FC Malmö
Daniel Pettersson, Linköpings FC

There are never any nominations for the best in show prize, the Diamond Ball. It can only be awarded to a Swedish player, though.

Svensk Fotboll:
Fotbollsgalan 2008

Posted by: Anonym

Any guesses as to the winners?

2008-10-29 @ 18:34:50
Posted by: dandal

A quickie. I might do more on this once we get closer to the award thing, but my pick: Angerer (though I'm impressed by Rönnlund's development since dragged back from retirement), Thunebro (the rest are a bit bland), Mäkinen (or Stensland and the others are good too), Marta (even if I think Melis is a worthy winner too), Asllani (no debate) and I want to go for Mårtensson & Palmqvist, I always favour coaches with a little less to work with in player talent, organization and money.

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