Collective Umeå effort makes Marta top goalscorer

The last day of the season, there was really only two things left to decide: who would win the goal scoring league and which team would finish second and clinch that newly decided extra spot in the UEFA Women's Cup.

If Malmö defeated Kristianstad, Linköping couldn't afford to lose or draw against Hammarby. Both sides took their sweet time to score, maybe a bit taken by the situation, and were both 0-0 in their respective matches at half time. After 60 minutes, Linköping's Daniela finally put an end to the stale mate. Malmö returned with a four minute three goal explosion, but by then they had to rely on Hammarby equalising. That didn't happen. Instead Daniela shot her second goal in the midst of Malmö's scoring. Linköping will be Sweden's second representative in the 2009 UEFA Cup.

Marta had six goals up to Malmö's Manon Melis, leading the goal scoring league with 23 goals. But her team mates had promised to help her catching up. Since Melis was in the stands at Malmö, her fractured jaw hold together with a metal plate, the six goal gap could not grow. And since Umeå's opposition was last place Bälinge, six Marta goals shouldn't be impossible if everyone helped out. It worked fine up to six, placing Marta on a shared first place with 23 goals. She almost scored the 7th, but Bälinge's Veronica Svensson reached the ball and Johanna Rasmussen saw herself forced to score on the rebound. Still, top goalscorer is top goalscorer, even if you have to share the title.

You can see
the final league standings at, as well as the goal scorer league, the assist league, goalkeeper league and attendance averages.

Djurgården - Umeå Södra FF  2 - 0 (1-0)
Djurgården: Nadine Angerer - Malin Engdahl, Annemarie Norlin, Therese Brogårde, Freja Hellenberg - Anna Hall (62 Mia Jalkerud), Victoria Svensson, Femke Maes, Sara Thunebro - Linda Sällström (77 Anna Lagerberth), Rebecca Johnson (59 Marijke Callebaut)
Umeå Södra: Minna Meriluoto - Anna Rehn, Petra Vaelma, Kristin Åberg, Ragna Lestander - Patricia Hägglund (76 Maria Wictorsson), Hanna Folkesson, Emme Sundberg, Anna Forss (54 Elina Sormunen) - Victoria Forsmark, Vanessa Mångsén (87 Fanta Cooper)
Goals: 1-0 Victoria Svensson (40), 2-0 Linda Sällström (63)
Attendance: 250

Umeå IK - Bälinge IF  11 - 1 (4-0)
Umeå: Ulla-Karin Rönnlund - Anna Paulsson, Karolina Westberg, Emma Berglund, Frida Östberg - Emma Åberg-Zingmark, Mami Yamaguchi (57 Johanna Frisk), Hanna Ljungberg (46 Lisa Dahlkvist) - Johanna Rasmussen, Madeleine Edlund (65 Sofia Jacobsson), Marta
Bälinge: Veronica Svensson - Julia Lyckberg, Temryss Lane, Nina Engström, Julia Bhy - Karolina Mats, Linda Blom (78 Moa Lina Mattsson), Emma Lindqvist, Emilia Appelqvist, Katri Nokso-Koivisto - Sarah Storck (73 Emma Jonsson)
Goals: 1-0 Hanna Ljungberg (9), 2-0 Madeleine Edlund (21), 3-0 Marta (30), 4-0 Marta (42), 5-0 Marta (56), 5-1 Katri Nokso-Koivisto (59), 6-1 Madeleine Edlund (61), 7-1 Johanna Rasmussen (70), 8-1 Marta (77), 9-1 Marta (79), 10-1 Marta (82 PK), 11-1 Johanna Rasmussen (90)
Attendance: 3,472

Västerbottenskuriren: Sex mål förde upp Marta i topp
Västerbottens Folkblad: UIK avslutade strålande
Expressen: Dyster avskedsfest för Bälinge

LDB FC Malmö - Kristianstads DFF  4 - 0 (0-0)
Malmö: Caroline Jönsson - Lina Nilsson (67 Dora Stefansdottir), Christina Ørntoft, Emma Wilhelmsson, Nera Smajic - Nilla Fischer, Therese Jönsson - Therese Lundin (63 Frida Nordin), Therese Sjögran, Pavlina Scasna - Maria Aronsson (60 Emma Stålhammar)
Kristianstad: Sandra Wahldén - Johanna Jönsson, Kia McNeil, Johanna Rosén, Carolin Ericsson - Erla Arnadottir (89 Alissa Oldenkamp), Therese Björck, Sofie Persson, Angelique Sandberg (70 Pernilla Falk) - Susanne Moberg, Frida Pettersson (79 Antonia Göransson)
Goals: 1-0 Emma Stålhammar (73), 2-0 Pavlina Scasna (74), 3-0 Nilla Fischer (77), 4-0 Emma Stålhammar (90)
Attendance: 660

Kopparbergs/Göteborg FC - AIK  0 - 5 (0-1)
Göteborg: Sandra Bjurteg - Elin Dahl-Örn, Jane Törnqvist, Maria Karlsson, Marlene Sjöberg - Sofie Andersson (75 Catrine Johansson), Sofia Karlsson (75 Kajsa Dunér Mazolaqi), Ingvild Stensland, Emmelie Farfa - Sara Lindén, Carin Berling (63 Camilla Schelin)
AIK: Sofia Lundgren - Sofia Simonsson, Frida Höglund, Linda Sembrant (85 Jessica Julin), Linda Lekander - Emelie Karlsson Wedin, Louise Fors, Anne Mäkinen, Emma Lundh - Annica Sjölund, Kate Gill (62 Laura Kalmari)
Goals: 0-1 Annica Sjölund (16), 0-2 Annica Sjölund (52), 0-3 Kate Gill (58), 0-4 Laura Kalmari (81), 0-5 Annica Sjölund (93)
Attendance: 483

Göteborgsposten: Skamligt dåligt Göteborg

Hammarby IF - Linköping FC  0 - 3 (0-0)
Hammarby: Kathrin Lehmann - Anna Lindblom, Karin Lissel, Malin Nilsson, Annica Svensson -Jennie Jonsson, Madeleine Tegström (67 Tempest-Marie Norlin) - Nazanin Vaseghpanah, Hodan Siid-Ahmed, Kristin Bengtsson - Sara Johansson (40 Lisa Björkvik)
Linköping: Hedvig Lindahl - Anna-Kaisa Rantanen, Sara Larsson, Charlotte Rohlin, Marie-Louise Skålberg - Daniela (77 Ann Westermark), Caroline Seger, Petra Larsson, Maria Karlsson (84 Petronella Ekeroth) - Josefine Öqvist (62 Tilda Heimersson), Kosovare Asllani
Goals: 0-1 Daniela (59), 0-2 Daniela (75), 0-3 Own goal (80)
Attendance: 413

Kif Örebro - Sunnanå SK  2 - 1 (2-0)

Örebro: Kristin Hammarström - Ingrid Ericsson-Jogsten, Sanna Valkonen, Stina Segerström, Marina Pettersson - Maria Nordbrandt, Lena Andersson (68 Caroline Näfver), Elin Magnusson, Marie Hammarström - Susanna Lehtinen (89 Emma Fogelkvist), Kim Ekebom (57 Marie Stålberg)
Sunnanå: Eva Nilsson - Alexandra Nilsson, Rebecca Smith, Sanna Frostevall, Sandra Berggren - Magdalena Esseryd, Carina Holmberg, Josefin Johansson, Matilda Forslund - Lisa Renberg (46 Johanna Lindahl), Lina Johansson (46 Mirjam Marklund, 59 Åsa Berglund)
Goals: 1-0 Kim Ekebom (7), 2-0 Elin Magnusson (42), 2-1 Carina Holmberg (76)
Attendance: 588

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