De Vanna flattered by Umeå interest

Umeå IK has declared that they see AIK's Lisa De Vanna as the one to replace Marta, if the Brazilian star decides to leave Umeå after five years with the club.
”It would be very flattering if they wanted to sign me” comments the Australian striker. De Vanna says that it is likely that she will stay in Sweden and she is very impressed by Umeå. ”It is one of the best clubs in the world and they show an impressing seriosity in everything they do”. De Vanna's has had a great season with her present club AIK, a club that at the moment are close to doing their best season ever. But that's not quite enough for De Vanna: ”You want golds and titles and I want that with my club team too.”
But AIK will of course try to keep her in Stockholm. ”I think we have the finances for it” says sport director Peter Johansson. And there is one thing that favoures the Stockholm club: ”It's been really cold today” De Vanna told the reporter in the mild autumn weather Stockholm, ”and I guess it's not any warmer in Umeå”.
de Vanna vill till UIK

There is also a third party that has declared it's interest in De Vanna; the American club Washington Freedom has aquired the playing rights for De Vanna in the new WPS league. And there is an unsubstantiated rumour that LDB FC Malmö has Lisa De Vanna on their list over potential recruitment together with Marta and Kosovare Asllani, the two latter confirmed.

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