Hanna Marklund makes come-back!

Hanna Marklund is back! In her blog at the local newspaper Västerbottens Folkblad, she announces today that she will play the next Damallsvenskan season for Sunnanå. Hanna gave birth to a daughter, Elma, this summer.

"When I finished playing, I thought I was done with football. But now when I have my motivation back and the child is borned, there is no reason not to play."

She thinks it will be perfect to be on maternity leave from her day-job and play for Sunnanå. She's really looking forward to play again and is longing for the preseason training in January 2009.

She has signed a one year deal with her club Sunnanå, but it might be more years, she says. Sören Gustafsson from the club management is more than pleased that Hanna Marklund has decided to return to the game: "It's fantastic! She's got great leadership qualities and still has a lot to contribute with on the field".

Asked if she had been thinking about the national team, Hanna answered that she hasn't and she wasn't ready to make any decisions about it yet. National team coach Thomas Dennerby was delighted to hear that Hanna will make a come-back: "She is a fantastic player", but was pretty neutral to the national team come-back question: "All good players are interesting", but didn't rule out having a mother playing for the national team "Just look at USA's centre backs [Rampone and Markgraf]. They are both back after having children."

Västerbottens Folkblad:
Comeback, Hanna Marklund gör comeback i Sunnanå
Norra Västerbotten: Hanna gör comeback
SVT: Marklund gör comeback i Sunnanå (video interview, with baby)

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