Hedvig Lindahl on the move?

National team goalkeeper Hedvig Lindahl confirms that she has been approached by another Damallsvenskan club. She says that she is not adverse to moving - she's been with Linköping for five years. "I am talking to Linköping too and I haven't closed any doors. But no matter how good things are you will reach the point where you need to move on to continue developing", Lindahl comments and adds "I don't know if that time is now or next year or maybe the next". She also denies that the LDB FC Malmö, the club where she played back-up keeper before she moved to Linköping, is the one showing interest.
Allsvensk klubb jagar LFC-stjärnan

Posted by: Åsa

According to the paper version of Corren, Göteborg is the club in question.

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