Öqvist to Umeå?

Umeå IK's manager Andrée Jeglertz admits that Linköping's Josefine Öqvist is one of his targets, when he's planning Umå's roster for 2009: "She is a very interesting player. The way we play, she would fit in very well". Öqvist, whose contract with Linköping runs out after this season, says that she is also talking to Linköping and that they've agreed to wait with any decisions until the season in completed. But she says that the possibility for Linköping to play UEFA Women's Cup next year - UEFA will probably expand the competition with a second team from the top leagues - and which of her team mates that decides to renew their contracts are factors that will influence her decision.

Several other clubs are tugging at Linköping's key players. Umeå's plans might include Kosovare Asllani, who also has recieved attention from Malmö. Djurgården has shown interest in Anna-Kaisa Rantanen and then of course the American WPS league has drafted Brazilian midfielder Daniela. And the club offering a move to goalkeeper Hedvig Lindahl is Göteborg FC. If all these should leave Linköping, they're in for a difficult 2009. But I doubt it will end that way.
"Öqvist skulle passa bra hos oss"
Västerbottenskuriren: UIK vill ha Linköpings stjärnor

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