Umeå sets deadline for Marta's answer

Umeå IK has set a deadline for Marta's answer on their contract offer for 2009. If she hasn't decided by the end of this month, we will move on to other players, says Umeå's general manager Britta Åkerlund. Marta's agent Fabiano Farah comments that he respects Umeå's schedule, but he and Marta have their own. Farah doesn't give away any details about the negotiations, but says that "both the American league WPS and the Los Angeles club are very eager to get Marta over".
Marta has received offers from, according to her agent, "several clubs in Europe and USA". But she says that if she doesn't join the new American league, she will stay with Umeå.
Marta also tells that she in her discussions with the Los Angeles club has indicated that she would like her best friend (and Umeå defender) Johanna Frisk getting the opportunity to join her in Los Angeles. "That doesn't necessarily mean that Johanna joins me if I go to Los Angeles", she adds, "She makes her own decisions". Umeå's manager Britta Åkerlund says this is news to her. Johanna Frisk is still under contract with Umeå and has recieved an offer for 2009 from the Swedish club.
The Swedish tabloid Expressen has been in contact with Lauren Gregg, who is acting as an advisor to WPS clubs in their contacts with foreign clubs. She says that "the club's ambition is to satisfy that demand as well as other possible contract conditions". "It is reasonable that every player will demand things that are important to them personally" she says and adds that this concerns not only Marta but also other international players.
UIK: "Vi går snart vidare med att hitta ersättaren"
Expressen: Martas löfte: Stannar i Umeå - om det inte blir USA, Martas krav till USA: Ta med Frisk, Los Angeles accepterar: Martas vän får kontrakt

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