Jessica Landström uncertain about continuing in Linköping

Jessica Landström, who transferred from the Stockholm side Hammarby to Linköping last year, has had great success both in her club team and in the Swedish national team. But in spite of getting close to a league and cup double with her Linköping, she is not certain that she stays after the season: "I've got all my friends in Stockholm and I'm keeping all doors open for a while".
Linköping does of course want to keep her and Landström says that she takes all alternatives into consideration. She likes it in Linköping and if the club manages to hold on to the core of the team "it would be ok to continue playing here", she says. On the other hand, she and her partner Sara has just bought a new apartment in Stockholm, where she spends most of her time. And, she says "it would be exciting with USA when they are starting up the new league. And Lotta [Schelin] got to go to France".
Jagar dubbeln - men snart kan stjärnan lämna Linköping

Idle speculations: She is not cheap, she has a decent full time professional contract with Linköping. Hammarby most certainly can't afford to take her back. Djurgården could do well with a forward like her and she has played there before, but the club is not known for offering young domestic players good contracts. AIK has the money and might have to replace Lisa De Vanna, who could go back home to Australia, where a new league is starting, or to the WPS league in USA. Umeå is of course always a force to be reckoned with, but even if Landström is from the far north it doesn't seem likely that she will move far from Stockholm. Unless she moves abroad. Her name has been mentioned on wish-lists of international players for the WPS league in USA. Still, that's just speculation. We'll have to wait and see.

Posted by: nowseehere

First, how much was she earning, that she can buy an apartment in pricey Stockholm at age 24?

Second, don't you think it's quite unusual that suddenly in 2008, so many players in gay relationships are out?

One cannot ignore this issue because it reflects both such an age-old, diehard, ignorant bias targeted (rather obsessively) by the straight world on female athletes ('all you unladylike freaks must be queer!!') and at the same time, evidence that the athletes were (i.e., in the past) feeling much pressure to stay quiet.

In 2003, after the world cup, there was an outburst of scrutiny from the Swedish press (but I didn't follow the game before that, so maybe the press was always nosing in on sexuality issues) for gay players to come out, and yet no one did come out, not even Svensson (when asked about love in her life, she only named her cat) - which was all fine. They definitely had/have no obligation to talk about anything to anybody.

However, that did not stop the press from piling on and reporting even more (often silly) stories, like that some coaches pressured players to stay closeted and that old tale about the public not being ready to deal with gay players, and how it would hurt the league etc. Even when Hanna Ljungberg was asked about "all the" lesbians in the sport, she seemed dumbfounded and embarrassed and would not answer the question directly, saying something like, I think, "women's soccer is a serious sport and it will continue to be."

Which seemed like her way of saying either that this was not a serious line of questioning, or that if she answered honestly, no one would take the sport seriously again.

f the press asked her about all the foreign players, I doubt she would have answered so cryptically. She had typical homo-anxiety that prevented her from saying something simple like, "who cares who is straight and who is gay? I get along with gay players just fine."

I would add that, to an American this all seemed to say that, even though Scandinavia has very progressive partnership laws and the populations as a whole are able to tolerate legal rights for gays (but who knows to what extent since it was pushed through without a vote), they are still uncomfortable with gay people being out.

Since you are in Sweden, can you explain what exactly changed in the last 4-5 years? Players are suddenly, right and left, volunteering that they have partners - which is great! But it is also very much ... well, news.

2008-09-13 @ 15:34:55
Posted by: jocasta

I certainly cannot answer for Swedish people, but I have a couple comments on what you've said. First, I think most laws are "pushed through without a vote," everywhere in the world. This fact does not mean that the people are against it.

Second, I have no firsthand knowledge of the interview you're talking about, but I can imagine Ljungberg being uncomfortable answering such a strange question. Your ideal response would have been better, sure, but I can imagine that if one is startled by such a question and put on the spot, one mumbles the most bland, inoffensive thing one can so as not to get anyone excited. These players aren't professional PR people, after all.

Third, I bet (please tell me if you think I'm wrong) that the age difference between players like Ljungberg and Svensson, as opposed to Landström, plays a part. Players around 30 and older may simply be less comfortable publicly talking about these issues at all, since attitudes were surely less tolerant (even in Sweden) when they were growing up. What they saw and heard around them 15- 20 years ago may be more of an influence than what is going on right now. Svensson apparently overcame her initial reticence- good for her. But if she had never decided to be so open- well, that would have been fine too.

2008-09-14 @ 11:54:41
Posted by: Sund-fan

Well, there is an old history here too. Some years back, when the “Sundhage generation” of players (Sundhage, Andelén, Leidige, Börjesson and these) were dominating Swedish soccer, there were a lot of trouble between lesbian and strait players and between some coaches and lesbian players. After a while most people found out that these fights were ridiculous and that it all was hurting the reputation of the sport. As a result the gay issue became a non-issue for many years. Now we see the fear of talking about sexual lifestyle inside the women’s soccer community disappear. (However it’s still impossible to be a male gay footballer in Sweden)

Another consequence was maybe that Sundhage never became coach for the Swedish NT. Some people (journalist and ex footballer Jennifer Wegerup ie) say that the Swedish FA decided to prefer a heterosexual Soccer mom as coach (Domanski-Lyfors) and a good-looking heterosexual player with a celebrity boyfriend as captain (Moström).

2008-09-14 @ 21:53:58
Posted by: dandal

Ok, this could be the subject of a major essay, but I will not try that today. Just a few comments.

This is a generation thing. And it's just as much about Swedish society as about Swedish women's football. A lot has happened since the 70's, when women's football was formed in Sweden. The "ignorant bias", as you put it, still exists but was much stronger then. This was after all the time when there was made actual, serious research as to whether women could get cancer from the ball hitting their breasts.

There has, always I think, been an effort to play down the the gay issue. Particularly in the beginning they didn't want football to be perceived as a lesbian sport. Society changes, but subcultures, in this case women's football as you see it represented in the FA and the major clubs, changes slower.

The strategy towards the gay issue, a strategy that of course hasn't been talked about, decided or written down anywhere, has been a slightly Victorian "we don't talk about those things". Hanna Ljungberg's sort of uneasy answer to a journalist's question is a good representation of that. And the media has respected this. Several relationships are fairly public, like going to the yearly Football Awards together, but nothing gets written about it unless the player herself wants to.

Gay rights isn't a dividing political issue in Sweden. The only political group that has been opposed to adoption, partnership and now marriage laws is the christian democrats, that polls at about 5 %. But there is a difference between tolerating and - well whatever the next step would be. I am e.g. pretty sure that part of Umeå IK's big popular success came from players like Malin Moström, Tina Nordlund, Hanna Marklund, Anna Sjöström and Hanna Ljungberg - they were all local girls and they were good players but also good looking, self-confident, verbal and - straight.

Pia Sundhage, and I think her reputation of being opinionated and headstrong has had a lot more to do with her not being offered the head coach job (she has had and been offered several other jobs with the Swedish FA) than being gay, practise the "don't talk" strategy in a moderated way. Both her relationship and her political views are well known, at least by those who have followed her a while. And she doesn't in any way betray them. But in all interviews I've seen with her the last years, she answers curtly and then steers away: "that is not interesting, that is not why I'm here, let's talk about football".

The recent "coming outs" has been slightly Sundhagesque: the girlfriend has been mentioned because it mattered. Apart from Vickan, who came out big-time, but she is a big name too, it has been the Landström way. There has e.g. been a couple of players, close to signing for a new club, referring to a female partner they have to discuss with first.

But it would be kind of fun if a player talked about her girlfriend like Jossan Öqvist answered the usual "what do you want most right now"-question after scoring the winning goal against Umeå earlier this year: "I wish my boyfriend was here!"

Posted by: dandal

Oh, I missed the first question. I think her girlfriend makes more that she does, but the salary guessing game puts Landström somewhere at least around SEK 250,000 a year.

2008-09-15 @ 00:17:49
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