Linköping offers Cristiane 2009 contract, Umeå negotiates with Marta

With rich European clubs like Lyon and the new American professional league WPS stepping on the scene, the competition for top footballers is definitely stronger for the 2009 season than it has been for 2008. Unconfirmed rumours says that Marta and Cristiane has been asking for USD 400,000 a year to play in WPS. But that doesn't discourage Swedish clubs.

Linköping reveals that they have given Cristiane a contract offer for the 2009 season. Linköping's chairman Christer Mård says that he believes that he has a good chance: "If she comes back, she knows what she comes back to. And she enjoyed a lot playing here".
Aftonbladet: Linköping har inte gett upp Cristiane

At the same time, it is rumoured that three different WPS clubs are also talking to Cristiane. And the big Brazilian club Corinthians female side has secured a sponsor, that offers Cristiane a monthly salary of about SEK 95,000 if she plays for the club.
JB Online: Presidente corintiano sonha com contratação de Marta

Umeå IK has started negotiations with Marta's agent Fabiano Farah. Umeå's sport director Britta Åkerlund says that Marta is their top priority, "but there is of course a limit. The competition is growing and it will probably take more than last year to keep her". Manager Andrée Jeglertz says that he hopes and believes that Marta will stay, "not the least because of the high quality of football we have here".
Västerbottenskuriren: Marta prio 1 för Umeå IK

Marta's contract with Umeå finishes after November and several clubs have announced their interest to talk to her. The strongest bidders are probably clubs in the WPS league. Fabiano Farah says that he is expecting a big proposal from the American side: "All the big owners in the league wants her. Their visions is to have Marta as the new poster name for the league. They're trying to put together a proposal for a long term contract".
Västerbottens Folkblad: Marta kan vara förlorad för Umeå IK

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