Victoria Svensson wants to play Euro 2009, Hanna Ljungberg hesitates

Two of the players that chose to say no thanks to the remaining, for qualification meaningless, Euro qualifiers against Ireland and Romania, Hanna Ljungberg and Victoria Svensson, has somewhat different views on playing the 2009 Euros in Finland.

Victoria Svensson has already decided that she wants to continue with the national team over next season: "It's so fun in the national team and I feel I still have something to contribute".

Hanna Ljungberg, who for the last few years has been almost constantly troubled by injuries, hesitates. "It's important for me to rest now. We're in the middle of a fight for the championship now and have UEFA Women's Cup matches later on". But she doesn't want to make a decision for next year yet, she only says that "this doesn't necessarily mean that I'm finished with the national team".
Dagens Nyheter:
Victoria Svensson satsar på EM-spel
Göteborgsposten: Hanna tveksam till landslaget

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