LDB FC Malmö signs Renata Costa

LDB FC Malmö today introduced their latest signing, Brazilian international Renata Costa. The 22 year old has over 50 caps and 23 goals for Brazil and has been part of the team since the 2003 World Cup. She played every single minute of every game in the 2008 Olympics.
Renata Costa is usually fielded as a centre back for Brazil, but has been playing a lot in midfield for her Danish club OB. She joined the Odense club a year ago on a two year contract, but the Danish club has reportedly have had problems financing her contract and were willing to let her go. Nothing mentioned about a possible transfer fee.
Renata says her best qualities are her strength and her vision and her favourite position is as an offensive midfielder. Which, coincidentally, is where Malmö's Jörgen Pettersson wants her to play. He calls the signing "a typical Malmö recruitment", meaning that she fits the player profile they have been looking for and that they have been following her for a long time before making the jump.
Malmö has had competition for Renata Costa from the American club St. Louis Athletica, a club that according to some information could offer a higher wage than Malmö. The Brazilian still opted for Sweden: "I've always wanted to play in the Swedish league", she said and hopes to stay for a longer period.
Renata Costa is signed on a one year contract, that expires December 31. Coach Pettersson adds that this is the club's last signing before the 2009 season. And it doesn't bother him if this makes his club look like a favourite to win the championship: "I'll rather be a favourite than not".
Sydsvenskan: Costa: Jag är stark och har bra blick
SVT: Malmö värvar Renata da Costa (video)

Posted by: Marcelo

Where did you find those numbers? If you look at Fifa's site, it says that Renata played 46 official matches and scored 4 goals. She's alright playing as a defender, but I don't think she's talented enough to run an offense.

2009-01-21 @ 21:38:21
Posted by: Dandal

I actually picked it straight from the news story without any own fact checking. That said, the FIFA statistics only covers FIFA tournaments (and even that not without slips: they missed the play-off for the last Olympic spot against Ghana in April 2008).

Brazil played 6 friendlies 2008, 6 PanAm matches and 2 friendlies 2007. I haven't checked how many of these Renata Costa appeared in, but I don't doubt it was more than 4. The scoring record however seems compiled fairly freely.

I liked Renata Costa as a defender with Brazil, but fact remains that she's been playing a lot of midfield in her club.

Posted by: Roger


2009-01-21 @ 22:50:57
Posted by: Marcelo

Oh, no question about the number of matches, she probably had even more (there's also the 2003 PanAm). But 23 goals, that seems a bit of a stretch.

2009-01-21 @ 23:01:57
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