More newbies called up to Spain camp

Two defenders, Linköping's Lotta Rohlin and Hammarby's Anna Lindblom, had to notify national team head coach Thomas Dennerby that they couldn't join the team, that takes off to Spain today, Sunday. Dennerby continues on the youthful approach and has called up two uncapped players, the soon to be Los Angeles Sol player Johanna Frisk (22 years old) and AIK's 19 year old Emelie Ölander. Both have extensive experience from the younger national teams, but neither has been on the senior team before.
These changes to the team makes it 4 uncapped players on the squad and another 5, who got their first cap last season. Since it is a 23 player squad and only one match is planned, against a Norwegian side that also comes with a very youthful side, I'm not sure all the 9 youngsters will get time on the field.
Svensk fotboll:
Rohlin och Lindblom missar läger

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Defense Secretary Leon Panetta told U.S. Marines and sailors on Friday that Congress would be irresponsible if it doesn't act to prevent drastic military budget cuts.

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Defense Secretary Leon Panetta told U.S. Marines and sailors on Friday that Congress would be irresponsible if it doesn't act to prevent drastic military budget cuts.

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Investigators found several life insurance policies on Susan Powell that totaled $1.5 million and determined that Josh Powell had filed paperwork to withdraw her retirement account money about 10 days after her disappearance.

West Valley City police on Friday refused to expand on any details revealed in the search warrant because the investigation is still ongoing, said Sgt. Mike Powell, who is not related to the Powell family.

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