National team selection comments

I really should have done this last night, but I was too tired. Anyways, I think a few comments to the national team squad selected by Thomas Dennerby for the January camp are appropriate:

A couple of players who played internationally in 2008 announced their retirement from the national team late last year: Hanna Ljungberg (who still plays club football for Umeå), Frida Östberg (who still might accept an offer from Chicago Red Stars in the American league) and Therese Lundin (who really, really has retired).

Coach Dennerby decided to bring only two (instead of the usual three) goalkeepers to camp. He picked Sofia Lundgren over Kristin Hammarström, who often was the premier choice for back-up keeper last year. Sofia had the best goalkeeper stats in Damallsvenskan the 2008 season. "Statistics isn't everything, but she definitely deserves a chance to show what she can", Dennerby commented. Sweden's most experienced keeper, Caroline Jönsson, is in a kind of limbo right now, studying psychology at Umeå University and training with Umeå IK, but not attached to any club.

Josefine Öqvist will have surgery some time in January to correct a groin nerve that has been bothering her for a couple of seasons. She hopes to be fit for Algarve Cup in March.

20 years old defender Malin Levenstad had a severe knee injury last summer and hasn't played a match since. Dennerby still takes the chance: "As far as I understand she is fully recovered. And when Miss Östberg made her good byes [Malin] is a good replacement".

Malin Levenstad tillbaka i landslaget
Corren: Nerv i kläm stoppar Öqvist

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