Troubled finances might stop Umeå's De Vanna quest

Umeå IK lost money the 2008 season - exactly how much is still to be determined - and general manager Britta Åkerlund says she will be very cautious and will not go into any bidding war over Australian Lisa De Vanna. "Her wage demands has been pretty high already from the beginning" Åkerlund says and points out that the economic recession has made it harder to secure the club's finances for 2009 and the club will have to make cut-backs. "We can't just presume we will be playing the UEFA Women's Cup final and build our budget on that", she adds.
Åkerlund has repeatedly stated that Lisa De Vanna is her favourite, but what if Umeå doesn't manage to sign her? "In that case, I think we're satisfied with the players we've got. At least for now". But she is not worried about the team, even if it will be missing the extra edge a Marta or De Vanna would bring. The average age in the squad is 23 years and it's better to let these players develop instead of maybe jeopardising the club's economy.
Västerbottens Folkblad:
De Vanna kan bli för dyr

The position Umeå can't afford not to fill is that of head coach. The latest name rumoured to be on Umeå's short list is Stuart Gibson, an English coach who used to play for the local club IFK Holmsund. He has been responsible for Plymouth's youth program in England and is now coaching Steinkjer FK in Norway, a 2nd division men's team.
Västerbottens Folkblad: Gibson ännu ett namn för Umeå IK

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