Umeå says good bye to Marta

Less than an hour ago Umeå IK submitted a press release, declaring that have left the negotiations with Marta's agent Fabiano Farah and thanks Marta for the five years they have had together.

In the press release Umeå tells that they submitted their final offer December 5. Farah acknowledged that he had recieved it and promised to return to the club within a week. They haven't heard from him since. This uninterest to discuss with the club that has been Marta's employer for the last five years makes Umeå withdraw their offer and leave the negotiations.

In the press release they are also paying tribute to Marta and calls her five seasons in Umeå "unbelievable" and says that she has "both fulfilled and exceeded" all expectations. After some more praise, they finish "We will miss her, not only as a player but also as the wonderful person she is. We wish her all the best wherever she will put down her football boots."
Västerbottens Folkblad:
UIK avslutar affären med Marta

Since the only remaining known bidder for Marta is Los Angeles Sol in the American WPS league, I think we now can consider Marta's move a done deal.

Posted by: Anonym

..."as the wonderful person she is" ? Never heard that before. Is she know as such?

2009-01-07 @ 18:34:13
Posted by: Dandal

Marta is extremely competitive on the pitch, regardless if it is match or training. Outside, she is mostly smiling, close to both laughter and tears. Easy to talk to, easy accessible to journalists and fans. Does a lot of promotional and charity appearances.

When Marta scored 6 goals in her last Damallsvenskan match to claim the goal scorer of the year title, this was a team effort, her team mates farewell gift. I think it was Johanna Rasmussen who scored the last goal in that match, and she commented something like "I tried to give it to Marta but screwed up and had to score myself". I don't think that would have happened to a player that wasn't liked by her mates as a person, not just a player.

Marta has been with Umeå from age 17 to 22. There is a lot of parental pride in the club's good bye statement. And all children are wonderful in the eyes of their parents.

Posted by: Andreia

Marta's move to LA was confirmed yesterday by Brazilian press (,,MUL949484-9842,00.html).

2009-01-10 @ 12:27:02
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“That’s something we would have to pursue,’’ he said . . . Illinois sophomore Thomas Pieters shot a final-round 71 to win the men’s NCAA Division 1 golf championship at Riviera Country Club in Los Angeles, finishing three shots ahead of Julien Brun of TCU and Florida’s Tyler McCumber, son of PGA Tour player Mark McCumber. Alabama went wire-to-wire in stroke play to grab the No. 1 seed going into Friday’s match play . . . Former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky, facing trial next week on charges he sexually abused 10 boys, asked a state appeals court to review his case and to delay the criminal proceedings against him.

World record-holder Usain Bolt put his poor performance in the Czech Republic behind him with a season’s best 9.76 seconds in the 100-meter race at the Golden Gala in Rome. Bolt ran a relatively slow 10.04 in Ostrava last week, raising questions about his Olympic preparations. Former world record-holder Asafa Powell crossed second in 9.91 . . . AC Milan announced it will play Real Madrid at Yankee Stadium Aug. 8. The Spanish league champions open their preseason tour at the Los Angeles Galaxy on Aug 2 . . . Ronaldinho’s stint with Brazil’s most popular club is over after the player decided to sue Flamengo for reportedly $20 million for unpaid salaries and delayed payments . . . Basketball Hall of Famer Jack Twyman, one of the NBA’s top scorers in the 1950s who became the guardian to paralyzed teammate Maurice Stokes in 1958, died Wednesday in Cincinnati. He was 78. Obituary, B12 . . . Sancho Lyttle and Catherine Kraayeveld scored 12 points each to lead five Atlanta players in double figures and the Dream rolled to an 81-65 WNBA victory over the visiting Phoenix Mercury, who played without star guard Diana Taurasi, who is out indefinitely with a strained left hip flexor . . . Iowa women’s rowing coach Mandi Kowal resigned after an 18-year tenure in which she built the program from scratch before facing scrutiny and a lawsuit over the way she pushed athletes during workouts.

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